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Building Industry Training and Academy Centre (BITAC)

Faced with the changes of the era, science and technology continue to advance, and people are also advancing with the era. Learning and development are of utmost importance to drive an individual's professional development and personal growth. In order not to be eliminated by the society, we also need to improve our ability to create more value through training and contribute to the society.

Greentech Academy Sdn Bhd founded Branch Office and Training and Academy Centre (BITAC) in 2020 is an education arm owned by Greentech Construction Sdn Bhd based in Simpang Ampat, Penang. Greentech Academy specializes in highly industrialized building systems and related training programmes and courses in this field of construction. The foundation of Greentech Academy is to let people have some concepts about industrialized building systems and green building through classes and learning.

Building Industry Training and Academy Centre (BITAC)

We provide one-stop IBS Precast Specialist Building Industry Training and Academy Center (BITAC), Project Management & Construction, Building Maintenance Service ,and Collaborative Partners for training, classes, workshop, or any other event at our business center Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang.

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To Start Your One-Stop Services

To Start Your One-Stop Services 

Here we are ready for you whether it comes from tertiary programs or continuous learning &growing that can enhance your knowledge and skills

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